One day we'll invent a magic wand for making kids great at math

In the meantime, we've made Komodo

Komodo is a super-speedy, super-rewarding way of practising mathematics that kids actually enjoy using.

It works on tablets and computers using tried-and-tested principles to accelerate progress and grow self-confidence.

Find out how Komodo can help your child get to grips with math

Komodo with a back belt

Learning at the right pace

Every child learns different topics at a different pace, so one size really doesn't fit all. Luckily, we've thought of that.

Komodo's Adaptive Technology tailors the learning experience to the needs of each child, adjusting as they go along.

Behind the scenes, our team of educational professionals regularly check your child's progress to make sure that they're on the road to a successful learning experience.

Komodo with a back belt

Helping parents help children

We know what it's like to be a busy parent, so we've designed Komodo around the needs of real families. It's not meant to replace the great work our teachers are doing - Komodo complements school learning with regular, short online lessons that fit into the daily routine.

Komodo reports back on your child's progress as often as you'd like, and allows you to set real-life rewards to help them along the way.

Parents ♥ Komodo

  • "We are thrilled with Komodo for my kids as it maintains their attention and the element of fun while learning is extremely strong. Being able to send a direct email to my son to congratulate him on completing a stage while I'm sitting at my desk far away working, is fantastic. I can find nothing to fault this and can only strongly recommend it."
    - Sarah Chadwick, North London
  • "My kids aren't keen on numeracy as a rule, but Komodo is the exception. The combination of content, graphics and incentive means they've often fought over who gets to go on it first, and that hasn't worn off even after a number of months. I've seen their ability and confidence grow as a result of using it and would highly recommend it"
    - Rachel Hooper, UK
  • "My 6 year old daughter has found Komodo fun and easy to use. I have noticed she is much more confident with numbers, and this was quickly reflected in her school work. She has recently completed her Year 2 SATs and she was in a small minority that sat the upper level paper. Her teacher remarked that she had "exceeded his expectations". We are delighted by the progress made. Thank you Komodo Team!" - Morag Payne, Preston UK
  • "My daughter's going great guns with Komodo at the moment. She has swapped from a similar paper based Maths programme in which we were struggling to keep her motivated but Komodo is much more fun - she loves it!"
    - M O’Donoghue, Surrey
  • "My 7 year old daughter Eve, and my 5 year old son Connell both use Komodo, and it has improved their confidence with mathematics noticeably. There is healthy competition between them to earn more Komodo stars, so they see Komodo as a game, not as "homework". Because of this, it is never any trouble to get them to use Komodo."
    - Frank Hagenson, New Zealand
  • "In his own words my son John (9) has found Komodo Math ‘fun, and really good!’ Since starting to use Komodo 4 months ago there has been a distinct improvement in John’s ability to master the basics. All he needed was a bit of regular practice and Komodo did the job."
    - Chris Magowan, Richmond Surrey
  • "Thanks for setting me up on the Komodo App. It's been nothing but a great experience for my daughter and the whole family. It is building so much confidence in her abilities, we all look forward to the next stages each evening. Congratulations on a great educational tool! You deserve an A* for it"
    - Nondumiso Ngutshane, South Africa


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