Primary Maths. Mastered.

See your child's skills and confidence grow with Komodo.

Designed by teachers for families, Komodo builds a solid foundation in maths for children aged 5 to 11. It works on all devices and doesn’t keep kids at the screen for long periods.

Personalised by maths teachers to meet each child's needs.

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This great resource complements classroom learning with an interactive, user-friendly interface for both parents and children to use at home. Most importantly, it presents mathematical concepts clearly, in an engaging manner with many opportunities for practice."

British Educational Technology Award Judging Panel

We've helped over 10,000 children gain fluency and confidence in maths

Designed by teachers to complement school maths.
Tailored to your child’s needs, for the struggling, the able and everyone in between.

For ages 5 to 11 


Sign up then use Komodo on all your devices at no extra cost.

A qualified maths teacher will personalise a learning plan for your child

8 years' teaching experience

6 years' teaching experience

Step 1

Sign up and download the app for your device(s).
Log in and set up your learners.

Step 2

Tell us about your child and have them sit a short and friendly diagnostic maths assessment.

Step 3

A maths teacher reviews the information and assigns a personalised learning plan for your child.

Step 4

Start learning!
We recommend 3 to 5 short fifteen minute lessons per week.

We base the learning plan on your child’s individual needs.
Tell us your child's problems with maths, we'll tailor the solution.

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From less than £2 per week. No payments taken for 14 days. No contract. Cancel anytime.

I would like to congratulate the team at Komodo Learning; its constant determination to achieve excellence in design, delivery and support that helps to ensure the outcomes for families across the world are the very best.

British Educational Technology (BETT) Award Judges

Incredibly user-friendly and motivating tool, particularly for children who seem to have decided early on that they were "rubbish at maths". My children fight over the iPad for Komodo and love to watch their progress chart, to collect rewards, to send me a self-congratulatory email. The correction system encourages children to get out of their comfort zone and really teaches them to learn from their mistakes."

Celia, London

Proven gains with “little and often” use.

94% of learners see progress.
We analysed over 4,000 of our learners’ skill areas and found that their maths fluency and accuracy improved significantly after six months of using Komodo regularly.

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Parental support is vital for learning. We make it easy and rewarding to get involved.

Parents can add real rewards to motivate learners

Learners are awarded “Komodo belts” for effort

Email your encouragement even when you’re not there

Sometimes a good old fashioned sticker is the best motivator.

A complimentary reward chart and belt sticker set will be posted to your home.

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From less than £2 per week. No payments taken for 14 days. No contract. Cancel anytime.

Harnesses cognitive science for more effective learning

Komodo is designed to be effective without requiring long periods at the screen - making learning maths feel easier for kids

Maths is different to most school subjects because you learn it through doing it - through practice. Practice embeds maths skills deep into memory so they become second nature. The result is fast, accurate maths or "maths fluency" which according to academic research is the best early foundation for future success in the subject.

A three minute animated journey into the cognitive science of learning mathematics.

My three boys have all benefited enormously by using it to practise their number skills and learn new topics in maths. It has reflected in their work at school with their teachers moving them up in their ability sets in the classroom."

Stephanie, Birmingham

The parent dashboard lets you keep track of progress

And much more:

  • Add your own rewards
  • Change the learning settings
  • Adjust your learning plan
  • Invite family supporters
  • Add or remove learners
  • Cancel or suspend
  • Customise app settings
  • Add daily reminders
  • Hide app features

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No contracts. No payments taken during the 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.

Six great reasons to choose Komodo


Effective - Komodo develops fluency in maths, a recognised foundation for success.


Your child’s learning plan is assigned by a qualified maths teacher.


Doesn’t keep kids at the screen. Requires just 15 minutes, 3 to 5 times per week.


Motivation is built-in. We make it easy for you to encourage and support.


Use it on all your devices at no extra cost.


Develops concentration and a great attitude to learning.

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No contracts. No payments taken during the 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.

Komodo is great - easy to use, lively and fun. Both our children are avid users, and their maths has come along in leaps and bounds."

Robert, Brighton

Start building good learning habits that last a lifetime.

It’s not just about maths skills. Komodo also develops concentration, self-belief and self-discipline - three important qualities that last a lifetime.

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See how Komodo can help your child.

Building a solid foundation of Key Stage 1 and 2 maths skills

Our curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum and designed to complement school maths.

See why it's important to address gaps in learning early on:

No contracts. No payments taken during the 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.

My daughter has been using Komodo Maths for the last nine months and loves it. It is very good for her quick recall of times tables, which they have been working on in school. Komodo has made learning maths a lot easier in our house."

Emma, Manchester

Designed and created by teachers and parents

When we looked at ways to improve our children's success in maths we knew that we could make something better, not only for our families, but for families all over the world.

We started with these principles

Parents are central
Their encouragement and involvement makes all the difference.

Will be personalised for each child
The learning programme is tailored for maximum benefit.

Sessions need to be short
Our kids spend enough time in front of screens.

Make it fun and rewarding
It's not a game, but kids need to like using it.

It needs to work for real families
Parents are incredibly important, but busy.

Should complement classroom maths
Home and classroom learning differ, so our approach should too.

Must have wide appeal
Enjoyable and easy to use across culture, gender and age.

Motivation needs to be built in
Learning happens over months not minutes, so staying motivated is key.

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From less than £2 per week. No payments taken for 14 days. No contract. Cancel anytime.

This is the best educational investment I have made. My three children, who are of differing abilities, are flying in maths. It gives them a solid foundation from which to fly."

Kate, UK

Four promises we make about managing your online subscription


We are honest and we care about our subscribers. We’ll help you get the best from Komodo.


We make it easy to cancel. Just log into the parent dashboard anytime and cancel.


Your payment card will be stored securely by, a leading secure payment provider.


We’ll be there when you need help. Just get in touch.

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No contracts. No payments taken during the 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.

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What to expect once you're signed up

  • 1

    Confidence building

    A positive learning experience that develops ability and confidence

  • 2

    Personalised for each child

    Learning plans tailored to the individual needs of each child by a UK qualified maths teacher.

  • 3

    Little and often learning

    Designed for short regular use. 10-15 minutes, 3 to 5 times per week.

  • 4

    Fun and rewarding

    It's not a game, but kids enjoy using it.

  • 5

    Teacher support

    We’ll always be there to ensure Komodo works for you.

  • 6

    Complements classroom maths

    Self-paced, targeted practice that complements what your kids learn in school.

  • 7

    Appeals to all

    Across age, gender and culture. No clutter, no competition scoreboards.

  • 8

    A rewarding role for parents

    Your encouragement and involvement makes the all difference. We’ve made this easy.

Your subscription will help house and educate children who have endured some of the worst poverty and exploitation.

We’re proud to support our charity partner who provide a loving home and education for street children in Kenya.

Komodo subscribers have helped build Mudzini school (left) and future subscribers will help run it.

Many Hopes is raising the generation of children who will lead with justice and fairness and defeat the causes of extreme poverty in Kenya.