So how does Komodo actually work? Good question.

Learning at home is different from learning in school. So we’ve designed Komodo around home use to make it effective, fun, and rewarding for children and parents alike.

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What to expect once you're signed up

  • 1

    Tell us about your child

    Let us know their age, weaknesses, talents, learning difficulties, etc. Then, they sit a short assessment.

  • 2

    A teacher assigns the learning plan

    A teacher assigns a learning plan tailored to the individual needs of your child. In the case of special needs such as dyslexia, the teacher will customize the learning settings.

  • 3

    Little and often learning

    Designed for short, regular use: up to 20 minutes, around five times per week.

  • 4

    Fun and rewarding

    It's not a game, but kids enjoy using it.

  • 5

    Develops understanding and fluency

    Self-paced, highly engaging practice lessons that build fluency. Aligned to national standards.

  • 6


    A positive learning experience that develops ability and confidence.

  • 7

    Parent dashboard

    Parents can customize every aspect of Komodo in the parent dashboard.

  • 8

    Teacher support

    We’ll always be there to ensure Komodo works for you.

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Incredibly user-friendly and motivating tool, particularly for children who seem to have decided early on that they were "useless at math". The correction system encourages children to get out of their comfort zone and really teaches them to learn from their mistakes."

Celia, Michigan

Teacher personalization - really? Here's how:

Step 1

Sign up and download the app for your device(s).
Log in and start to set up your new learners.

Step 2

Tell us about your child and have them sit a short and friendly diagnostic assessment.

Step 3

A teacher reviews the information and assigns a personalized learning plan for your child.

Step 4

Start learning!
We recommend three to five short 15-20 minute lessons per week.

We base the learning plan on your child’s individual needs.
Tell us your child's needs and we'll tailor the solution.

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My three boys have all benefited enormously by using it to practice their number skills and learn new topics in math. It has reflected in their work at school with their teachers moving them up in their ability group in the classroom."

Stephanie,  California

Parental support is vital for learning. We make it easy and rewarding to get involved.

Parents can add real rewards to motivate learners.

Learners are awarded “Komodo belts” for effort.

Email your encouragement even when you’re not there.

Sometimes, a good old fashioned sticker is the best motivator!

A complimentary reward chart and belt sticker set will be mailed to your home.

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Utilizes cognitive science for more effective learning

Komodo is designed to be effective without requiring long periods at the screen - making learning math feel easier for kids

Kids learn math by doing it. Practice embeds math skills deep into memory so they become second nature. The result is fast, accurate math or "math fluency", which, according to academic research, is the best early foundation for future success in the subject.

A three minute animated journey into the cognitive science of learning mathematics

My daughter has really enjoyed Komodo and it has worked wonders in building her confidence with math. In fact she now says it is her favorite subject at school."

Louise, Alabama

Building a solid foundation of K-5 math skills

Our curriculum is aligned with National Standards and enriches math learned in school or at home.

It's important to ensure children have a solid foundation in the core math skills.

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Proven gains with regular “little and often” use

94% of learners see progress.
We analyzed over 4,000 of our learners’ skill areas, and found that their math fluency and accuracy improved significantly after six months of using Komodo regularly.

Fifteen minute sessions, three to five times per week are all that’s required - which means Komodo fits around other activities.

No contracts. No payments taken during the 14 day trial. Cancel anytime.

The parent dashboard lets you keep track of progress

And much more:

  • Add your own rewards
  • Change the learning settings
  • Customize your learning plan
  • Invite family supporters
  • Add or remove learners
  • Cancel or suspend
  • Customize app settings
  • Print learning records
  • Add daily reminders
  • Hide app features

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Six great reasons to choose Komodo


Effective - Komodo develops fluency in math, a recognized foundation for success.


Your child’s learning plan is assigned by a qualified math teacher.


Doesn’t keep kids at the screen. Requires just 15 minutes, three to five times per week.


Motivation is built-in. We make it easy for you to encourage and support.


Use it on all your devices at no extra cost.


Develops concentration and a great attitude to learning.

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