So how does Komodo actually work? Good question.

Learning at home is different to learning in school. So we’ve designed Komodo around home use, to make it effective, fun and rewarding for children and parents alike.

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Take a tour around Komodo - what it's like to use and how we help thousands of children master math.

The science behind Komodo

A short animated journey into the cognitive science of learning mathematics.

What to expect once you're signed up

  • 1

    Confidence building

    A positive learning experience that develops ability & confidence

  • 2

    Personal, and personalized

    Learning plans tailored to the individual needs of each child by a qualified math teacher.

  • 3

    Little & often learning

    Designed for short regular use. 15-20 minutes, 4 or 5 times per week.

  • 4

    Fun and rewarding

    It's not a game, but kids enjoy using it.

  • 5

    Teacher support

    We’ll always be there to ensure Komodo works for you.

  • 6

    Complements classroom math

    Self-paced, targeted math practice that complements classroom learning.

  • 7

    Appeals to all

    Across age, gender and culture. Super-easy to use.

  • 8

    A rewarding role for parents

    Your encouragement and involvement makes the all difference. We’ve made this easy.

What do the parents do?

We'll need your encouragement to motivate and support your child - we know we can count on you but we've also built in some ways to make it easy. After each lesson you receive an email report which provides a cue for some encouragement - even if you’re still at work!

You're also the reward shop keeper, so as your child collects reward points they can trade them for some real rewards that you've offered.

We'll give you plenty of guidance on all this and you don't have to do it alone - each learner can have up to 5 supporters.

Aligned to the curriculum

Komodo starts at around age 5 with counting and number recognition and goes through to age 11 with fractions, decimals and percentages. All of the core arithmetic skills including multiplication and division are covered along the way.

Komodo's adaptive system allows kids to skip to an appropriate level once they have mastered a topic, so even the most able should find it rewarding and challenging.

Komodo is designed to be easy to use and appealing to all learners - boys and girls, older and younger alike.

See our curriculum guide

Frequently asked questions

I'm concerned that Komodo will conflict with school teaching?

Komodo is designed to complement school mathematics lessons. Its focus is on mastering the essential mental math skills through practice.

How do I remember to use Komodo?

Komodo is designed to be used a minimum of 3 times a week - for 15 minutes per session. Remembering to use it can be a challenge - so we've set up an email reminder system. If your time with the kids is limited then you can add the child minder or grandparents to Komodo as a supporter.

Does Komodo follow a particular curriculum?

Komodo's main focus is improving mental arithmetic through practice. This is the core element in the US Common Core Standard for Kindergarten to Grade 5. For more on how Komodo relates to the curriculum please visit the curriculum guide

Is Komodo a game?

No. Games tend to focus on keeping the player at the screen for as long as possible. Komodo is about getting the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time - but that doesn't mean it's not fun to use!

Is Komodo competitive?

No. Competition may appeal to certain learners but we don't see it as necessary. We believe learners are best motivated when working towards personal goals - this builds confidence and self esteem.

Does Komodo suit bright or struggling learners?

Yes. When you set up your new account each learner does a short diagnostic test and you are invited to tell us more about their needs. A qualified mathematics teacher then uses this to assign appropriate work for the learner. Komodo is built to adapt to the learner's progress so they are fast-forwarded through topics they're good at. If you'd prefer to take charge, we provide an easy way to amend and assign the learner's work yourself.

Is my child safe using Komodo?

Yes. Komodo allows messaging between your registered account (family) members only. Our staff will contact the adult who signed up - should they need to get in touch.

How can I customize Komodo?

The settings section allows you to customize most aspects of Komodo. This includes amending the learning plan, hiding the time etc.

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