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Designed by teachers and literacy experts, Komodo builds a solid foundation in English for children aged 5 to 11. The comprehensive curriculum ignites a love of the English language, providing effective and rewarding home learning that doesn’t keep children at the screen for long periods. Learning plans are personalised by teachers to meet your child’s individual needs.

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  • A learning plan personalised by a teacher to meet your child’s literacy needs
  • Comprehensive curriculum: phonics, handwriting, reading, grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension and more …
  • Complements English learned in school - aligned with the Key stage 1 & 2 programme of study
  • Active vocabulary learning - your child will encounter many great words and learn what they mean by actually using them
  • New Komodo Pets reward system - as your child’s skills grow, so too will their family of pets
  • Special customisation features for dyslexic and colour blind learners

My son has been struggling a bit with his English in year one and so I was surprised how enjoyable he found Komodo English. He was excited to do his lesson each morning and loves the rewards and progress. The lessons make a nice complement to his school learning and cement the skills. Highly recommend this app.

Jenna, North Yorkshire.

Building a solid foundation in Key Stage 1 and 2 English skills


Grammar exercises to cement key literacy skills including punctuation, verb tenses, sentence structure


Hundreds of helpful animations to explain key concepts clearly


Develop vocabulary by actively using words, with clever AI to guide and check


Phonics exercises which increase phonemic awareness and teach kids how to decode words for fluent reading skills


Explore word tool which allows learners to explore syllables, sounds and meaning

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We started our Komodo journey with Maths and seeing how quickly my kids were picking up maths, I enquired if there was an English version as well. Well now there is one and it is also fantastic and equally fun for my home educated children to pickup key concepts. Thank you Komodo!

Atif, London

Complements Reading for Pleasure

We love books so we’ve designed Komodo English to complement reading for pleasure. With the opportunity to explore the words they encounter, it's a great way for keen readers to grow and enrich their vocabulary while fine-tuning their spelling accuracy.

And don't worry if your child isn’t an avid reader - Komodo will help develop the all-important English skills they'll need for success in school and beyond.

I thought you'd like to know that our kids think your new English language part of Komodo is fabulous. They love it. Excellent rewards system with the pets too. Makes them want to do it. Well done and thanks.

Adrian, Lincoln.

Parents’ encouragement is a vital part of learning at home.
We make this easy.

  • Regular email progress reports - simply reply to send your encouragement
  • Real rewards - you decide the treats and targets
  • Learners awarded virtual Komodo pets for effort
  • A pets progress chart and sticker set delivered to your home
  • Parent dashboard to track progress and customise the learning

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