Komodo Kickstart 

Has your child mastered key math skills such as multiplication, addition and subtraction, division? Komodo Kickstart can tell you.

Komodo Kickstart is a short quiz for children that gives parents immediate feedback on how well their child grasps key math skills.

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Kickstart Math Quizzes

Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10

(for Kindergarten-2nd Grade, ages 5-8)

The quiz will test accuracy and fluency in addition and subtraction facts to 10 - which is one of the essential foundation skills in math. Don't worry - your child should find this quiz fun.

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Addition & Subtraction Facts to 20

(for 1st-3rd Grade, for ages 6-9)

The addition and subtraction to 20 is a natural follow-on from the facts to 10 quiz. Being fluent in these is of great benefit in problem-solving and calculation in general.

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Multiplication Facts

(for 3rd-5th Grade, ages 8 -11)

Multiplication is perhaps the most important foundational skill in math. Being able to recall multiplication facts accurately and fluently is an essential math skill that's also of great benefit in daily life.

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Division Facts

(for 3rd-5th Grade, ages 8-11)

Being able to recall division facts fluently is a sure sign that early math learning is on track. Division can be thought of as the opposite of multiplication - so this quiz is a natural follow-on from the multiplication quiz.

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What to expect

  • 1

    You’ll be asked for a few details first so we can send you the feedback privately.

  • 2

    Once your child starts the quiz, they will be asked to answer a series of questions. We’ve worked hard to ensure children have a positive experience, with lots of encouragement and fun graphics throughout.

  • 3

    When your child has finished, we’ll compile and email you the feedback as a private report.

  • 4

    Where appropriate, we’ll make a few suggestions as to how you can help your child improve their knowledge of the particular math skill.

  • 5

    We’ll respect your privacy, and you can opt out any anytime.

Why is it free?

Komodo Learning is a team of educational professionals who specialize in mathematics educational technology.

Kickstart is our way of providing something free and useful that demonstrates what we’re good at - math education.

Along the way, we’ll introduce you to our math product and may email you some guidance you’ll find helpful.

But don’t worry, you are free to opt-out at any time. We don’t do hard sell, and at all times we’ll respect your privacy.

  • My kids aren't keen on numeracy as a rule, but Komodo is the exception. The combination of content, graphics and incentive means they've often fought over who gets to go on it first, and that hasn't worn off even after a number of months. I've seen their ability and confidence grow as a result of using it and would highly recommend it

    Rachel Hooper, UK

  • My 6 year old daughter has found Komodo fun and easy to use. I have noticed she is much more confident with numbers, and this was quickly reflected in her school work. She has recently completed her Year 2 SATs and she was in a small minority that sat the upper level paper. Her teacher remarked that she had "exceeded his expectations". We are delighted by the progress made. Thank you Komodo Team!

    Morag Payne, Preston UK

  • My 7 year old daughter Eve, and my 5 year old son Connell both use Komodo, and it has improved their confidence with mathematics noticeably. There is healthy competition between them to earn more Komodo stars, so they see Komodo as a game, not as "homework". Because of this, it is never any trouble to get them to use Komodo.

    Frank Hagenson, New Zealand

  • My daughter's going great guns with Komodo at the moment. She has swapped from a similar paper based Maths programme in which we were struggling to keep her motivated but Komodo is much more fun - she loves it!

    M O’Donoghue, Surrey

  • In his own words my son John (9) has found Komodo Math ‘fun, and really good!’. Since starting to use Komodo 4 months ago there has been a distinct improvement in John’s ability to master the basics. All he needed was a bit of regular practice and Komodo did the job.

    Chris Magowan, Richmond, Surrey

  • A few short weeks ago our clever, funny six year old son came home upset. Some children had been calling him 'dumb' at maths. We enrolled him in Komodo to help his confidence and he loves it! He no longer thinks he is 'dumb' at maths and came home from school as 'star of the week' for huge effort and improvement in maths'! Thank have made a difference to the happiness of a little boy!

    Petra, Bristol

  • Thank you for your service; it has been very beneficial for my daughter who became ill at the end of year 5. Her school attendance in year 6 was about 30% yet she still managed to achieve level 5 in her SATS – we found komodo maths really useful in helping her to keep up with her studies.

    Andrea, UK

  • Thanks for setting me up on the Komodo App. It's been nothing but a great experience for my daughter and the whole family. It is building so much confidence in her abilities, we all look forward to the next stages each evening. Congratulations on a great educational tool! You deserve an A* for it.

    Nondumiso Ngutshane, South Africa

  • Marcus is benefitting greatly from "little and often" visits to Komodo and the challenge of getting an A* grade continues to be sufficient motivation in itself for him. I am therefore delighted all round!

    Jo Greenidge, Essex

  • Eila is the youngest in her class and we were a bit worried that this might set her at a disadvantage, but she's right up there now on her number work, and that's in no small part to the learning she's gained from Komodo.

    John McKay, UK

  • We have really enjoyed Komodo over the summer holidays. It is a great app and Laura has made huge improvements in her maths, and also had lots of fun doing it.

    Monika Jauk, London

  • My son is doing extremely well and has increased confidence with his mental maths skills, thanks to the repeated practice within Komodo!

    Jo, London