Just in time for summer day trips and long journeys, we round up the best maths games to keep kids (and adults) entertained and while away the hours. "Are we nearly there yet?" Next time you hear this, try some of these.


Your Child's Concentration - How to Improve it

Concentration in children - why it's important and some things we as parents can do to promote it.


Tips for Learning the 12 Times Tables - from a Rock Climber

A look at the 12 times tables through a climbers eyes. By breaking them into safe ledges and bite sized chunks, this article will help any child master this often daunting times table.


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Counting is easily taken for granted but there's a lot of fascinating research into how we learn to count and there's more to it than you may think. We look at some of the theories and the key steps in this fascinating journey.


A Parent's Guide to Learning Times Tables

In this article I'm going to look into learning times tables and provide some useful tips on how parents can help at home.


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Music and Maths - is there a Learning Connection?

Is there a connection between learning maths and learning a musical instrument? This article explores how they complement each other.


Komodo Rewards - Budget-Friendly Ideas to Keep Your Little Learner Motivated

Rewards are just one of the ways that Komodo helps maintain children's motivation to practice maths. Here are a few of our budget friendly ideas.


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