Introducing the new Komodo belt journey - here's how to update your app

Introducing the new Komodo belt journey - here's how to update your app

The Komodo team have been busy working away behind the scenes on our latest version of Komodo and can now reveal the new Komodo belt journey. 

The belt journey takes learner across the world to receive their hard-earned Komodo belts. From skyscraper to tropical island, boxing gym to mountain top and even into space. We've been working on the belt journey as an extra reward for all the hard work and effort put in by our Komodo learners.

If you haven't already discovered the belt journey when your learners log into Komodo, you may need to update your app. Here's how: update your apps.

And if the belt journey isn't for your family, simply hide it in the parent dashboard app settings.

Here is a guide to the parent dashboard and this link will take you to it.

About Komodo - Komodo is a fun and effective way to boost primary maths skills. Designed for 5 to 11-year-olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a little and often approach to learning maths (15 minutes, three to five times per week) that fits into the busy routine. Komodo helps users develop fluency and confidence in maths - without keeping them at the screen for long.

Find out more about Komodo and how it helps thousands of children each year do better at maths - you can try Komodo for free.

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