Komodo Math on the New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Komodo Math on the New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

Today we received delivery of our new generation Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and it's impressive - well built, nice screen, great sound . . . .and here's the amazing bit - it costs less than $50 - which is why we thought parents should know!

Of course the first thing we did was check out the Komodo math Kindle Fire app, and as we expected it works like a dream. To install it simply click on the Kindle's "App Store" icon, search "komodo" and install.

If you're looking for an ipad alternative or simply an extra tablet for a second child give it some thought.

Ours is the Fire 7" Display, 8 GB, wifi - the cheapest one they have!

PS Komodo works great on all ipads and android tablets too!

About KomodoKomodo is a fun and effective way to boost K-5 math skills. Designed for 5 to 11 year olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a little and often approach to learning math (15 minutes, three to five times per week) that fits into the busy family routine. Komodo users develop fluency and confidence in math - without spending long periods at the screen.

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