7 Essential Math Skills for 7 Year Olds

7 Essential Math Skills for 7 Year Olds

Age seven is a key time in math for young learners as they’re about to encounter some tricky and important math concepts in moving through 2nd and into 3rd Grade. 

As a math teacher, I’ve often considered when learning can start to go wrong, and I believe seven is an age when some learners can start to get left behind. 

Sadly, more often than not, this goes unnoticed - making future progress harder.

This essential math skills checklist will help parents review progress and provide support, when required.

1) Number: Know one more or less than and ten more or less than any number from 1 to 100

"Write down the number 67. Now write the number that is 10 more than this." 

"What about the number that is one less, ten less."

2) Number: Count forward and backward in twos, fives and tens

"Starting at 12 count forward in twos"    "Starting at 60 count backwards in tens"  

3) Number: Mark and read a number on a number line:

"What number is this?"

Image title

"Mark where the number 23 goes on this number line:"

Image title

4) Number: Compare and order numbers to 100

"Put these numbers in order  27  56  23 78 14  smallest first"

5) Addition & Subtraction: Add and subtract to 20 ( including bridging 10 )

"7 + 8 = "           "17 + 9 = "

6) Addition & Subtraction: Missing numbers to 10

" 5 +  __ = 9   what's the missing number?"

7) Addition & Subtraction: Add or subtract ten to a number

"24 + 10 = "           "67 - 10 = "

A good indication your child has really mastered a skill is if they can answer correctly and quickly. Being hesitant is an indication that mastery isn't quite there.

The good news for parent and learners is that addressing problems in mathematics is easy when children are young, and in most cases all that's needed is some regular, targeted, practice. This is why we designed Komodo for home use and families.

I’m Ged, Co-founder of Komodo, ex-mathematics teacher and dad. If you have any questions please get in touch.

About Komodo – Komodo is a fun and effective way to boost elementary math skills. Designed for 5 to 11 year olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a little and often approach to learning math (15 minutes, three to five times per week) that fits into the busy routine. Komodo helps users develop fluency and confidence in math – without keeping them at the screen for long.

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