Build a paper-toy Komodo competition

Build a paper-toy Komodo competition

A shy Komodo is photographed at night

At Komodo we love our paper-toys - they're cool and kids love making them. There's a maths angle too - in seeing how a 2D plan folds into a 3D shape. Now we've taken this to a new level, thanks to Niall our very own paper-toy master craftsman.  We've made a Komodo paper-toy and we're asking you to build it and enter our competition.

Update: The official competition has now closed, but  you can still print out and build your own Komodo (parents, this could make for a fun wet day activity!).

We'd love to see what you make and what your Komodo gets up to, so post your photos and tell us a little about your Komodo on our Facebook page or email them to


We've tried to make the paper-toy super easy to build, and our test builders, aged 9 and 7, managed okay - with a little grown up help. The amount of grown up help, of course, depends on age and how "crafty" your child is in cutting and sticking the model - a good look at the Komodo photos before making helps.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Print the paper-toy in colour onto A4 sized stiffish paper, 200g paper is ideal
  2. Cut out the body parts and accessories - making sure you also cut out the many glue flaps
  3. Starting with the bigger body parts, fold all flaps first then glue - we found Pritt stick to be ideal
  4. The arms and tail are double-sided - so need to be stuck together
  5. We've numbered where to stick the arms, tail and legs
  6. You can choose a tongue - hey you could even design your own!

Here's the Komodo paper-toy:

Right click and
Right click and "save link as" to download the 2 page PDF

Here's the 2 page PDF to download.

The Competition

Some Komodos are so shy they only come out at night under cover of thick ivy leaves - see the photo above.

Some have very particular tastes - this one only feasts on fresh passion fruit flowers:


Some are quite cheeky and are often caught raiding the fruit bowl:



The Competition is to build your Komodo paper-toy and photograph it in its natural habitat. Please tell us a little bit about it if you wish!

The Rules:

You can enter the competition by adding your Komodo paper-toy photo to our Facebook page.

  • Please add your child's first name and age
  • A little story is most welcome
  • Or you can email it to us - hi [at] -  and we'll add it to this blog post ( Note that we'll only refer to your child's first name and age )
  • The competition will be judged by Niall - our paper-toy master craftsman
  • The competition will end at midnight on Tuesday September 30th
  • It's open to all children - whether you're a current Komodo subscriber or not


The Prizes:


A copy of the wonderful "Papertoy Monsters Book" will be sent to the best two entries in each age ranges:

  • Age 6 and below
  • Aged 7 & 8
  • Aged 9 to 11

If you have any questions please comment below or on our facebook page

Good Luck Everyone!


I'm Ged, Co-founder of Komodo, ex-maths teacher and dad. If you have any questions please get in touch.

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