Build a super-cool Komodo paper toy

Build a super-cool Komodo paper toy

We love our paper toys at Komodo, and it seems you guys too. Not only are they fun and creative but there's a maths angle too - seeing how a 2D plan folds into a 3D shape. So we've designed two new Komodos for you to build, just in time for the holidays. Welcome, Ballet Komodo and Football Komodo!

We'd love to see what you make and what your Komodo gets up to, so post your photos and tell us a little about your Komodo on our Facebook page or email them to and we will post them for you in our Komodo Paper Toy Gallery (first names only will be mentioned).


We've tried to make the paper-toy super easy to build, and our test builders, aged 9 and 7, managed okay - with a little grown up help. The amount of grown up help, of course, depends on age and how "crafty" your child is in cutting and sticking the model.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Print the paper-toy in colour onto A4 sized stiffish paper, 200g paper is ideal
  2. Cut out the body parts and accessories - making sure you also cut out the many glue flaps
  3. Starting with the bigger body parts, fold all flaps first then glue - we found Pritt stick to be ideal
  4. The arms and tail are double-sided - so need to be stuck together
  5. We've numbered where to stick the arms, tail and legs
  6. Take your finished Komodo on an adventure and don't forget to tell us about it!

Meet the Komodo paper-toys:

Ballet Komodo

Ballet Komodo Paper Toy

Right click and "save link as" to download the 2 page PDF

Here's the link to the  2 page PDF for Ballet Komodo

Football Komodo

Football Komodo Paper Toy
Right click and "save link as" to download the 2 page PDF

 Here's the link to the  2 page PDF for Ballet Komodo

& the Original Komodo that started us off

Right click and
Right click and "save link as" to download the 2 page PDF

Here's the link to the  2 page PDF for Green Komodo

Check out the Komodo paper toys gallery on our Facebook page and our new Paper Toys board on Pinterest - where we will be adding all our favourite Paper Toy resources (don't forget to follow Komodo on Pinterest - we're adding resources daily).


I'm Ged, Co-founder of Komodo, ex-maths teacher and dad. If you have any questions please get in touch.

About KomodoKomodo is a fun and effective way to boost primary maths skills. Designed for 5 to 11 year olds to use in the home, Komodo uses a little and often approach to learning maths (10 minutes, 3 to 5 times per week) that fits into the busy routine. Komodo users develop fluency and confidence in maths - without keeping them at the screen for long.

Find out more about Komodo and how it helps thousands of children each year do better at maths - you can even try Komodo for free.

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