Thanks to you, we've helped create opportunities for children across the world

Thanks to you, we've helped create opportunities for children across the world

We are delighted to give an update on Many Hopes, the worldwide education charity that Komodo is able to support thanks to our subscribers.

Many Hopes empowers children who have grown up in poverty by offering them an education. The charity says that "rescued children become adults who rescue others," and hopes that by providing children with the means to become adults of influence, they can have a positive impact on the next generation. 

Recently, Many Hopes has expanded from Kenya to Malawi and Ghana as well as South and Central America. 

The charity showcased the story of one woman who was supported through her education, and has gone on to not only become an oncologist but to have founded a clinic, school and orphanage for the charity in Malawi.

This is just one story of many, and the charity's aim is to empower children so that they can grow up to be independent individuals who will go on to help themselves and their community in turn. 

Thanks to Komodo subscribers, we are able to make our monthly donation to support this project and enable education for children throughout the world. 

Read more about Many Hopes here.

Ged, Jane and the Komodo Team

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